A Unique Approach to Customer Service

Our goal is to welcome customers and their individual needs and and then do our best to help point them in, not only the right direction,  but on the best path.  We believe customer service should be any businesses number one concern.  With the idea, all we care about is that you are satisfied!

Customer Work Flow

The idea is simple.


EvaluateEvery website is different, if it’s purpose, design, functionality or audience.  And lets not forget what is under the hood and who put it there.  Code, target doctype, hosting are just a few examples of things that someone might overlook when trying to evaluate the condition or needed direction to improve what they already have.  To make it even more complicated, some websites have had multiple care takers ranging from the uber professionals to adventurous do-it-themselvers.  Luckily today organizing this information is a lot easier then cleaning your garage and that is why we are here with the tools you need.



Educate“Where there is a will, there is a way.”.  This is the unsaid tagline for anyone wanting to learn more on there own and can be easily applied to anything, even the web.  With todays technology things have been made much more easier and with that in mind we form a corner stone in our strategy to help you get to where you want to be.  Our goal is to educate our customers at every turn if they ask for it or not.  We wont just stop at providing a service or solution but continue by providing helpful background, resources and tips to make sure you understand, and if you wish, continue on your own.  “Help us, help you!”



SolveThe pieces to your puzzle are out there, finding them is the tricky part and Google can only go so far.  Lets face it, you might have a question but are you asking the right way?  Let us help you find a solution that best fits your needs.  Our strategy to solving your needs is simple.  Create a set of products that utilize the best tools, services and advice on the internet, keep them updated and keep you aware.  We want to share what we know, not hide it and with this method, when providing a solution, we will show and tell you not only how or why we know but where we go and what we use.



AdviseWe don’t want to be considered consultants (regardless of how much we like to talk).  Instead consider us as a personal guide threw the jungles of online webs.  When working with Vanzoink you will quickly find that everything we do will come with something more.  We have no problem in telling you all of our tricks, tips and secrets.  We freely offer it along with any of our services, solutions or products.  We want smart customers making smart decisions.  Of course the consultant in us all do realize that there is a value in a professional opinion and if you are willing to listen, we are willing to help.